MonkeyDog and Friends follow the adventures of four cute little buddies who get into all sorts of fun.

Created by Matt Belcher.

85f6c7ba3e5f0ad8976f8a.L._SX750_SY470_Matt Belcher was born in England, UK in 1977. Although a proud Englishman who served his country and still gets emotional when the national anthem is played before a Rugby match, he lives in San Diego, CA.

Matt is a business consultant by trade and writer by passion. He credits his Mother for his creating story telling ability since she can make a creative story out of any facts.

After writing a successful blog www.lifeturnaroundnow.com and Youtube channel www.youtube.com/lifeturnaroundnow Matt realized he had a passion for telling stories and started to write fiction in 2009. In 2012 he released his first ‘real novel’ – Mr Personal Development. A quick paced thriller about James Skye, Mr Personal Development. He also released a Children’s book called ‘Monkey Dog and Friends’.

Matt is currently working on his second Novel ‘The Believing Tree’ and screenplay ‘Backyard Buffalo’.

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